Campus Higienópolis | Pacaembu

Pacaembu, Higienópolis, and Perdizes are additional units designed to cater to the specific pedagogical needs of different age groups.

The Pacaembu Campus is dedicated to early childhood education, providing a nurturing and secure environment that encourages students’ autonomy while fostering a strong connection with nature.

The Higienópolis Campus focuses on the early years of primary education (1st to 5th grade). This architectural project seamlessly integrates modern structures with centuries-old, listed buildings. The school offers a range of amenities, including a STEM Lab, science lab, library, art room, music room, sports court, and various other collaborative spaces.

The Perdizes Campus, with its exceptional view of Água Branca Park, serves as a hub for students in the final years of elementary school (6th to 9th grades) and secondary school. This campus is thoughtfully designed to promote social interaction and create an optimal learning experience for students during this crucial stage of their educational journey.

Campus Pacaembu
Rua Engenheiro Edgar Egídio de Souza, 444
Pacaembu, SP • CEP: 01233-020

Campus Higienópolis
Rua Albuquerque Lins, 773
Higienópolis, SP • CEP: 01230-001

Campus Perdizes
Rua Ministro Godói, 301
Perdizes, SP • CEP: 05015-000